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Value-Add Management of Real Estate Optimized for Cash Flow & ROI

Second River Capital is a real estate syndicate located in the Greater New York City area. We focus on helping our syndicate members generate cashflow through vsourcing, acquisition, value-add management, and disposition of buy-and-hold investments in B- and C-class multifamily, mixed-use, and retail spaces in New York, New Jersey, and surrounding regions.


We target a 15-25% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) for our investors, and generally go after property acquisitions in the $2M-$10M range, targeting a 5-15 year holding period. 

Second River Capital is focused on guiding its members and providing them with in-depth attention to the real estate industry and related markets. The syndicate is designed to furnish creative ways to help achieve strong ROI for clients in their real estate ventures. We possess working business relationships with many professionals including developers, contractors, lenders, architects and engineers.

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